Attention Girl Scouts of Western WA – schedule your own science workshops and explore fresh ideas to help tie badges to Journeys.  Rock Solid Science is a great resource for learning about nature, habitats, conservation, environmental science, food webs and all things geology!  Each engaging activity is a hands-on learning experience that allows kids to create something special to take home with them.

Some ideas to consider:

Brownie Badges

·         Painting – explore the world of agates, which are the subject of this watercolor project

·         Outdoor Art Creator – kaleidoscopes in nature featuring rocks, minerals and forest objects

·         Outdoor Adventurer – sensory walk and observations on a forest trail

·         Bugs – explore wetland ecology concepts and pond bugs

·         Hiker – scavenger hunt with a scientist in a park or nature trail setting

Junior Badges

·         Animal Habitats - learn about food webs, forest animals and dissect owl pellets! 

·         Drawing – explore geologic time, excavate fossils followed by an illustration activity  


·         Outdoor Art Apprentice – make high quality, beautiful gem trees!    

Cost depends on location, head count and supplies. Average cost is $20 -$25 per person, or a group flat rate can be quoted. All programs include earthy take-aways and experiences the girls will treasure.

 * Note:  rock and mineral workshops, geode cracking activities are available for troops too!