Hello! My name is Amy Bergin and I am the Founder and Director of Rock Solid Science.

I have developed a variety of experiential programs that make learning earth science fun. My programs are available in both an elementary school classroom format and as a private event, for birthday parties, scouts and corporate events. 

My passion for earth science began at an early age through experiences collecting rocks and minerals, as well as traveling to the Rocky Mountains and panning for gold with my Dad. In school I had a succession of wonderful science teachers who stimulated my curiosity, and motivated me to learn more about the natural world. At Western Michigan University, I gravitated to geology while also taking courses in education and psychology.  

Upon earning my Bachelor’s degree in Earth Science, I relocated to Washington State to work as an environmental educator. Over the last decade I have worked in the life sciences and biotech industries, creating value and working with research scientists. Rock Solid Science represents a part of my science career that combines my passion for geology with my background in business and education.

My personal mission is to create engaging learning experiences that inspire kids to explore more of their world, encourage careers in the geosciences, and partner with schools and organizations that value and teach important STEM skillsets.